Yiwei (Rick) Huang

I build software and products.

About Me

Hi, I'm Yiwei (Rick), a software engineer based in Los Angeles with over a decade of experience in the Tech industry. Currently, I work at Netflix, focusing on delivering top-notch personalization experiences.My primary expertise is in Backend Distributed Systems, but I'm a versatile engineer with skills in Fullstack development, DevOps, Big Data, and No Code solutions. I've worked on a variety of consumer-facing products, including streaming services, social media platforms, influencer economy, games, and ads.Outside of my professional work, I enjoy building my own software projects and exploring new technologies. I'm currently exploring ideas using GenAI technologies. You can see more of my past work in my portfolio.I also offer guidance to early-stage startups, helping them bootstrap and grow their businesses through innovative software solutions. If you'd like to tap into my expertise, feel free to contact me.Additionally, I'm an active mentor on Mentor Cruise, where I help junior professionals with their career development and growth.


Other Projects

- Ubiwiz - a TikTok Insights & Analytics Tool for brands, agencies, and influencers.
Early works:
- PriceChecks - a Pricing Optimization SaaS built for SaaS/Product
- 云成语接龙 - an Android Chinese education game, built with React Native
- Unstable Pulse - an iOS sci-fi mobile game, built with Unity
- Laser Survivor - an iOS/Android arcade mobile game, built with Unity
- Sneaky Camera - a fun iOS camera app for pranks (25k+ downloads)

Get In Touch

My inbox is always open whether you have a question, a cool product idea, or just want to say hi. Let's get in touch!